A culture of quality called for in pharmaceutical manufacturing

April 25, 2018

With the rise of federal regulations and scrutiny for the life science industry, there is now a greater awareness of the risks and weak links that have developed in the quality management parts of leading pharmaceutical organizations. Maetrics, a leading international life science regulatory and compliance consultancy, believes the pharmaceutical industry should consider improving the culture of quality to help safeguard patients and drive efficiency in their businesses and has published a white paper to open up dialogue in the industry on this important subject.
In particular, this latest guide from Maetrics looks at:
• Specific examples of how pharmaceutical companies are failing to meet regulatory requirements;
• The pressures social media is placing on the industry;
• The effect of mergers & acquisitions on the global pharmaceutical sector;
• The most common quality deficiencies;
• Suggestions for businesses to follow in order to mitigate risk and deliver high business efficiencies.

To download the whitepaper and find out how Maetrics can help you adhere to the highest CGMP standards, implement a realistic and actionable auditing strategy and address risk in in order to continually grow your business, click here.