Maetrics believes in recognizing, promoting and rewarding our strong performers. Career progression is based on your personal performance and contribution. With positive results, you’re given the freedom to shape your own career path within the firm. Our firm’s long-term success is rooted in our ability to adapt and cultivate the next generation of visionary and innovative leaders.

Maetrics’ team structure has seven levels, each with distinct roles aimed at achieving the most effective blend of research skills, analytical capabilities, industry and consulting experience: Analyst, Associate, Senior Associate, Manager, Senior Manager, Director and Managing Director.

One can enter our career path at any point assuming you have the requisite skills, experience, knowledge and prior performance in life sciences and/or consulting.

Career Paths: Early Career and Experienced

Maetrics’ history, reputation, and culture are built by attracting and retaining top talent. The average Managing Director or Director within our organization has had 20 or more years of client service. Over the years, we have been able to recruit some of the best talent in the consulting industry because they trust the long-term strategy, vision, and direction of the company.

We consider it to be part of our duty to maximize the potential of our talented individuals and strive to promote from within. The firm supports this by developing our professionals and helping them to become problem solvers, coaches, leaders, facilitators, and trusted advisors for our clients and each other. And as a globally focused firm, we expect our employees to have a strong global client-serving  mindset.