The unique business needs within a life sciences enterprise inevitably lead to customized applications being developed to solve specific internal challenges. If compliance isn’t considered throughout the development life cycle, the investment of time and energy won’t result in a successful outcome.

As a leading life sciences consultancy, Maetrics possesses robust experience in the design, development and deployment of software. Our team will be able to provide strategies for achieving industry and regulatory compliance that leads to quality results.

End-to-End Software Development Guidance

Combining a strong knowledge of both software development and life sciences compliance, Maetrics helps clients understand the full scope of what a software development project should entail. Throughout the life cycle of a project, including the development of new environments or migration to the cloud, we’ll help craft a strategy that integrates the regulatory requirements, including the development of required documentation, into the overall plan.

Through our collaboration with clients, we research the user requirements and understand the motivation for the software development. Maetrics will work in conjunction with the client’s IT staff during each stage and participate in implementation and testing to achieve a successful launch or migration in line with the regulatory requirements for their environment including the use of cloud computing. The traditional models of client-owned equipment and internal support staff are no longer viable for many applications, and Maetrics can provide guidance for both infrastructure and applications.

Our consultants’ broad experience enables them to:

  • Predict where problems may occur.
  • Design and implement effective methodologies and procedures.
  • Help establish regulatory strategies for innovative technologies.
  • Help when things don’t go as planned.
  • Provide independent audit services to detect areas of non-compliance.
  • Provide reports and updates regarding activities.
  • Audit service providers.

Maetrics’ ability to guide IT compliance endeavors will ensure that a company’s IT infrastructure as well as its business processes will drive objectives while also meeting compliance standards.