You need to manage your quality system to ensure compliance with ever-changing industry regulations, but your quality and operational information is never in just one place. Key information lies in different systems, in different divisions, and on different platforms. Perhaps you need access to old legacy data to compare with your current information. Perhaps you have just acquired a new division using a totally different platform. The traditional approach to gaining visibility to disparate, critical data is to combine it into one warehouse or platform where you can see and analyze it together. While this may be a good long-term approach, it can take months or even years to achieve and leaves you partially blind and vulnerable in the interim.

Until the arrival of Vision Software®, the most widely utilized reporting method was to manually pull all of the disparate information together, which often requires herculean effort and strains your ability to meet regulatory deadlines. Now Maetrics can help you automate this process so you spend your time reviewing and analyzing data instead of preparing reports. Vision Software® delivers the information executives need from the sources they trust the most, regardless of where that information resides.

 Drive Analytics with Vision Software®

For businesses in any industry, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a common way of determining how business objectives are being met. Vision Software® provides a panoramic view of an organization’s KPIs, all of which can be monitored through user-friendly dashboards. Whenever changes occur in organizational structure, priorities or IT systems, users can modify the dashboards themselves, with no programming required.

Vision Software® can be implemented within an organization’s existing IT system without requiring expensive interfaces, redundant data warehouses, and manual intervention. Standard data sets such as annual product reports, complaint files, and laboratory data can be analyzed for insights relating to business and operational problems, regardless of the underlying system driving them. In addition to implementing and maintaining the software, Maetrics also provides support services for answering questions and troubleshooting.

 Connect to Any Data Source for a Single Version of the Truth

Vision’s patented system “plays the data where it lies” by making a one-time dynamic link to multiple systems and data sources. Whether it’s validated management reports, enterprise applications old and new, or quality systems software such as TrackWise or Master Control, Vision Software® provides the information executives need in a format that assures a consistently effective single version of the truth.

The common data sources Vision draws from include the following:

  • Desktop applications such as Excel, Access, and HTML
  • Enterprise applications such as SAP and Oracle
  • Relational databases and ODBC data sources
  • Business Intelligence (BI) systems
  • Unstructured data in old legacy systems or reports

In today’s competitive business climate, data is the key to understanding where opportunities lie and how to meet customer demands on time. In this era of big data, Vision Software® will allow an organization to gather insights on performance, quality ,and safety, all while minimizing compliance challenges.

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